What is bl in Thai?

What does BL mean in Thai drama?

In Thai dramas, the Boys Love (often shortened to BL or “Y” in Thai) genre is among the most popular, following the success of the series 2gether in March when many people were forced to stay at home due to the pandemic, according to vice.com.

Why BL is popular in Thailand?

BL is primarily created by women for women, with the fanbase typically consisting of straight women in their early 20s (a triggering insight, I know). This is probably one of the major reasons why casting crews reel in the hottest actors for lead roles.

What is BL and GL?

🙂 BL means “boy love” (aka yaoi) and GL means “girls love” (aka yuri). NL means boy/girl love, and I believe it’s abbreviated from “nonke love” which means “straight love” essentially ww.

Is BL popular in Philippines?

Being stuck in quarantine, the growing number of BL fans in the Philippines has been evidently spiking since the popularity of some of Thailand’s famous and top-rated dramas have reached our very own shores.

Is BL popular in Korea?

Since then, Korean BL dramas have quickly gained popularity among fans, thanks to their high production values and interesting storylines. Although the romances tend to be a little more culturally conservative, they are quite sweet and wholesome.

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What is BL romance?

Boys’ Love or BL is a literary genre or media depicting the romance between male characters. … These include good-looking male characters, idealized “pure love” and dynamic relationships that aren’t bound by societal norms. The genre also allows readers to explore themselves and their sexuality.

What is the first BL in Thailand?

The first season of Love Sick is notable for adapting many tropes from Japanese yaoi and for beginning the boom in Thai series exploring “Boys Love”.

Is BL famous in Thailand?

Thailand is famous for many things, and Boy’s Love, or BL, shows are one of them. No matter if it’s the hot bods, the great chemistry between the characters or the happy endings that most stories offer, Thai BL shows are becoming a widely watched genre, even among international viewers.

Why are BL series so popular?

Some of the reasons are simple – it’s a new phenomenon, it’s steamy and the actors are cute and handsome. A few series go deeper and reflect upon society and its understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community. Most importantly, Sundar says, it is because Yaoi and BL content is mostly created to cater to the female audience.

Why BL series are popular nowadays?

“Reasons why these BL works attract netizens is because their stories about true and pure love can touch audiences, and more importantly, pique the audience’s curiosity,” Shi Wenxue, a cultural critic and teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, told the Global Times. Many of the genre’s fans are women.