What is the first phase of the Philippine Revolution?

What are the stages of Philippine history?

The history of the Philippines can be divided into five distinct phases: Metal Age Philippines [ 500 BC-AD 1000]; The Porcelein Period ( c. 1000-1521); the Spanish period (1521-1898); the American period (1898-1946); and the post-independence period (1946-present).

What were the main events of the first stage of the French Revolution 1789 1792 )?


  • 1 1788 – The royal treasury is empty; Prelude to the Revolution.
  • 2 1789 – The Revolution Begins; the Estates-General and the Constituent Assembly. …
  • 3 1790 – the Rise of the Political Clubs. …
  • 4 1791 – The unsuccessful flight of the Royal Family from Paris. …
  • 5 1792 – War and the overthrow of the monarchy.

What were the 3 phases of the French Revolution?

During the French Revolution society was made up of three separate phases. The three that are brought up are the Moderate Phase, the Radical Phase, and the Thermidor Phase.

Who divided the revolution into two phases?

This attack failed; however, the surrounding provinces began to revolt. In particular, rebels in Cavite led by Mariano Álvarez and Baldomero Aguinaldo (who were leaders from two different factions of the Katipunan) won early major victories.

Philippine Revolution.

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Date August 24, 1896 – June 12, 1898
Location Philippines

What was the second phase of the revolution against the Spaniards?

The Revolution against Spain had two phases: the first from the declaration of defiance against Spanish rule on August 23, 1896 till the conclusion of a truce in December 1897; the second from the return till the outbreak of the Filipino-American War in February 1899.

What is the first republic in the Philippines?

The Malolos Constitution establishing the First Philippine Republic was proclaimed the following month. The Philippine–American War began in February 1899, eventually resulting in American victory.

First Philippine Republic.

Philippine Republic República Filipina (Spanish)
Currency Peso