What is the use of coal in the Philippines?

How much coal is used in the Philippines?

Coal Consumption in the Philippines

The Philippines consumes 22,372,484 Tons (short tons, “st”) of Coal per year as of the year 2016. The Philippines ranks 28th in the world for Coal consumption, accounting for about 2.0% of the world’s total consumption of 1,139,471,430 tons.

How has the use of coal affect our environment here in the Philippines?

Burning coal affects the environment, human health and wildlife, and is a major contributor to climate change. … If the new power plants are to be developed, premature deaths may rise up to 2,410 or more than double the current number of people dying from coal-related pollution in the Philippines.

What are two uses of coal?

The heat and pressure from the top layers turned the plant remains into coal. USES:- 1.It is used as energy resource. 2. Bituminous coal is also used to produce coke for making steel.

Why is the Philippines still using coal?

Although fossil fuels are the single biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, coal continues to be supported by both the government and businesses in the Philippines. While it is the cheapest fuel option, coal is also the most polluting one.

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Is Philippines rich in natural resources?

The Philippines is a country rich in natural resources, such as minerals, agricultural land and fisheries, but this wealth is threatened by fast economic growth, rapid urbanisation and climate change. Evidence-based decision making can help balance the need for economic growth with sustainable resource management.

Where is coal found in the Philippines?

About 25 percent is located in the Cagayan Valley in northeastern Luzon while 13 percent is located in Mindanao. The remaining 10 percent is scattered in the islands of Cebu, Samar, Mindoro, Negros, Polillo, Batan, and Catanduanes. The bulk of Philippine coal is sub-bituminous in rank.

What is coal-fired power plants in the Philippines?


Station Community Commissioned
San Buenaventura Power Ltd. Co. Supercritical Coal Power Plant Mauban, Quezon 2018
Tokyo Electric Power Marubeni Pagbilao, Quezon 1996
Pagbilao Energy Corporation Pagbilao, Quezon 2018
Mariveles Coal-Fired Power Plant Mariveles, Bataan 2013

What are disadvantages of coal?

The major disadvantage of coal is its negative impact on the environment. Coal-burning energy plants are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to carbon monoxide and heavy metals like mercury, the use of coal releases sulfur dioxide, a harmful substance linked to acid rain.