What was the purpose of the Jakarta project?

What was the purpose of the Jakarta land reclamation project?


Irvan Pulungan, an advisor for the governor’s office of shoreline management, said that the land expansion is part of a plan to reduce flooding in Jakarta and remove sedimentation from rivers.

When did the Jakarta land reclamation project start?

The coastal development project includes the construction of a giant seawall along the coast, building a water reservoir, and the reclamation of land. Construction of an 8 km part of the sea wall along the coast was officially launched on Oct. 9, 2014.

Why was the Jakarta land Reclamation project Suspended?

The project, which proponents say will help address the city’s land subsidence and overcrowding problems, was suspended last year over environmental concerns and a corruption scandal. Opponents of the project include environmental activists, traditional fishermen and Jakarta’s newly inaugurated governor.

Who created the Indonesia Jakarta land reclamation project?

Boskalis has been awarded a contract by PT Muara Wisesa Samudra to design and construct an artificial island measuring 160 hectares off the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia.

What are some land reclamation projects?

Notable examples of coastal land reclamation include Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands (OSPAR, 2008a,b; Hilton and Manning, 1995) and much of the coastline of mainland China (An et al., 2007). Artificial islands are an example of land reclamation.

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What is reclamation science definition?

Reclamation – the restoration of land and environmental values to a surface mine site after the coal is extracted. … The process includes restoring the land to its approximate original appearance by restoring topsoil and planting native grasses and ground covers.

What is being done to stop flooding in Jakarta?

JAKARTA, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) — Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta was expected to overcome its lingering problem of flooding as two dry dams are now under construction in its outskirt areas of Ciawi and Sukamahi in Bogor town, West Java province.

Where is Indonesia’s new capital?