When was Yangon airport built?

How many airports are there in Yangon?

Burma, officially the Union of Burma (now The Republic of the Union of Myanmar), has 25 operating airports with commercial flights.


Location served International airports Yangon (Rangoon)
Airport name Yangon International Airport
Coordinates 16°54′26″N 096°07′59″E

How far is Yangon from airport?

Using Myanmar Distance Between Airports & Flight Time Calculator

Distance From Airport Distance To Airport Distance (km)
Yangon International Airport, Yangon RGN Kyaukpyu Airport, Kyaukpyu KYP 392.17
Sittwe Airport, Sittwe AKY Thandwe Airport, Thandwe SNW 238.75
Tachileik Airport, Tachileik THL Kengtung Airport, Kengtung KET 96.1

Which is better Mandalay or Yangon?

Mandalay is a little bit more laid back than Yangon. The vegetation is denser, the traffic is better and there are tons of places to explore. If you are looking for a more relaxed city, you should definitely choose Mandalay.

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