Where can I buy ao dai in Vietnam?

Do Vietnamese still wear ao dai?

Today, Ao Dai Vietnam is worn on special occasions, the traditional festivals, and the wedding. In the past, Ao Dai was used to be the daily costume for Vietnamese men. … Today, it is just used in the traditional ceremonies or Tet holiday and worn most by Vietnamese men of the older generation.

How much does it cost to build ao dai?

Basic Lace Ao Dai Ensemble including the ao dai, pants, fabric and labor costs $800 and up depending on the lace and the designs chosen. Additional costs will apply for a train or removable train. Pants cost $200 including fabric and labor. Khan dong (hat) costs $200.

What do men wear under ao dai?

The traditional Vietnamese dress for men is known as the Ao Dai. It is a long silk tunic with a conventional looking snug collar and is buttoned down on the left side. The male tunic falls to the knees and is generally worn with loose pants underneath.

How do they feel when they wear ao dai?

Because of the nature of the dress, the girls are forced to behave properly; for example no running or jumping up and down. It also reflects the classy and elegant nature of Vietnamese women. When I wear ao dai, I feel more feminine, and more self-confident because it covers everything, from neck to ankle.

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Is it bad to wear red to a Vietnamese wedding?

To a guest, when coming to join a Vietnamese traditional wedding, you should avoid these following colors. They are red, white and light pastel colors. The reason is just simple, you might look alike the bride.