Who is the owner of FM station in the Philippines?

Who is Willie Asuncion in Philippines?

Willie Asuncion is a co-founder of PLUS Foundation in 1998 as a separate 501 (c). He owns an unnamed FM radio station in the country although he is based in San Francisco, California. The businessman is an expert in strategic planning, sales, entrepreneurship, and customer service.

Who established the first radio station in the Philippines?

Established on July 15, 1939, DZRH is the oldest radio station in the Philippines.


Broadcast area Mega Manila and surrounding areas
Frequency 666 kHz (C-QUAM)
Branding DZRH
Language(s) Filipino

Is PBS available in the Philippines?

Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) (Filipino: Paglilingkod Panghimpapawid ng Pilipinas), also known by its government agency Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS) (Filipino: Kawanihan ng Lingkurang Pagsasahimpapawid), is a state radio network in the Philippines.

When was the first radio station established in the country?

On November 2, 1920, station KDKA made the nation’s first commercial broadcast (a term coined by Conrad himself). They chose that date because it was election day, and the power of radio was proven when people could hear the results of the Harding-Cox presidential race before they read about it in the newspaper.

What is the oldest rock station in the United States?

Louis area. KSHE transmits on 94.7 MHz and currently uses the slogan “KSHE 95, Real Rock Radio”. Owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, the station’s studios are located in Creve Coeur, while the transmitter is located in Shrewsbury.


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Sister stations KPNT, WXOS, WIL-FM, WARH
First air date February 11, 1961

What was the first song ever played on the radio?

On the evening of December 24, 1906, Reginald Fessenden used the alternator-transmitter to send out a short program from Brant Rock. It included a phonograph record of Ombra mai fu (Largo) by George Frideric Handel, followed by Fessenden himself playing the song O Holy Night on the violin.