Why is it important for us to respect religious diversity in Singapore?

Why is it important to respect religious diversity?

Respect for religious diversity is an essential element of any peaceful society, and religious freedom is a universal human right that all states have a responsibility to uphold. We implore all states to live up to their obligations and to hold accountable those who seek to restrict the freedom of religion.

Why is religious harmony important in Singapore?

In Singapore, religious harmony as a fundamental social norm and emerging quasi-constitutional principle stems from the state’s spiritually pluralistic society. As a “nation of believers,” faith is integral to Singapore’s cultural identity.

Why preserving racial and religious harmony is important in Singapore?

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. Therefore, racial and religious harmony is vital for Singapore’s social cohesion. This harmony does not come naturally – we need to take the effort to build trust, and acceptance between different races and religions, and protect the common space that we have.

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Why is religion important to a country?

Religion is important because it shapes people’s morals, customs, traditions, beliefs, and, ultimately, behavior. Shared religious beliefs bind people together. … Second, human beings seek purpose in their lives, and religion gives many people that purpose.

Why is it important to respect the beliefs of others?

Receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves. … Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them.

Why is it important to respect other cultures?

Different cultures benefit lots of people, and should be respected. This is because: … Different culture means different approaches to fundamental ideas in your society. A different group might be able to help your community learn something new.

Why is religious harmony important?

Abstract. Inter-religious harmony is crucial in maintaining political and national stability. Living in a peaceful and harmonious environment is important when the society consists of diverse races and religious adherents. … The failure to preserve religious harmony could expose the society to conflict and chaos.

Why is it important to have racial harmony in Singapore?

Racial Harmony Day is a day in Singapore to celebrate its success as a racially harmonious and secular nation, which mainly consists of Chinese, Malay, Indian as well as Eurasians that are citizens of the country.

Racial Harmony Day
Significance Commemorates the 1964 race riots
Date 21 July
Frequency Annually

How can we maintain religious tolerance and harmony in the country?

How can we maintain religious tolerance?

  1. Provide a Firm Understanding of Your Own Beliefs.
  2. Teach Your Child The Beliefs and Practices of Others.
  3. Participate in Multi-Religious Events.
  4. Discourage Intolerance.
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Why is harmony important in society?

Peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary condition for the survival and development of mankind. … Among those thoughts which have been handed down to the present and continuing to have important influence, peace and harmony occupy the most dominating position.

Why is social harmony necessary for our society?

among other aspects. Hence Social harmony is quite essential for truly being social as being social also means living harmoniously with each other. For this purpose, we must understand the different institutions working in the society and the social relationships existing between them. These institutions can be many.

What should be done to maintain peace and harmony in the society?


  1. It is good to be vulnerable and open to your friends and family. …
  2. Spending quality is another way of maintaining social harmony. …
  3. Connect with neighbors. …
  4. Also participating in social events, like football, church events, social gatherings, small groups.
  5. Hang out with friends once in awhile.