Why is my Apple product shipping from Vietnam?

Why is my apple order coming from Vietnam?

Apple’s use of Vietnam companies comes as all technology companies are working to reduce their reliance on Chinese firms. It may also help with avoiding or reducing US tariffs on Chinese imports. … However, the trial was the first time that a company outside China had assembled the AirPods.

Are Apple products made in Vietnam?

Following the height of U.S.-China trade tensions two years ago, Apple, Google, and Amazon all initiated moves to shift some production to Vietnam.

Does Apple deliver Vietnam?

No. The US Apple online store will sell and ship only to a USA billing and shipping address, using USA based credit card or bank.

Where does the Apple Store ship from?

Apple products are usually shipped from warehouses near the customer’s region or directly from China in some situations, but now deliveries will come directly from the nearest Apple Store if the product is available there.

Where is the Apple iPad manufactured?

One source at Apple supplier Foxconn said that the production shift could start as early as mid-2021, marking the first time that the company has made a major portion of its tablets outside of China’s borders. This is one of several moves showing Apple is serious about moving beyond China.

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Can I ship iPhone to Vietnam?

Local Customs authorities have prohibited the shipping of mobile phones (excluding accessories and parts), cosmetics and alcoholic beverages into Vietnam via air transportation mode (Express & Freight).

Who is the boss of Apple now?