You asked: How long were the Viet Cong tunnels?

How wide are the Cu Chi Tunnels?

According to the blueprint , the tunnels are built based on previous experience , by creating a well kept about 16m diameter 0.6 m , 3 m deep , the mouth of the adjacent eyelid . From the bottom of deep wells drilled picks used to create tunnels with 50cm width , 80cm height .

How many tunnel rats died in the Vietnam War?

Imagine been alone down there, a million miles from home during those crazy 10,000 days in Vietnam. That both sets of men had to endure this life is appalling. There were never more than 100 Tunnel Rats in country at any one time and around 700 in total. There were 36 killed and 200 wounded.

How many tunnel rats were in Vietnam?

I would come to learn it was the latter. Our tunnel rat unit was small, with at most 120 men in the country at any time, and a total of around 700 who served from 1965 to 1972.

How did Vietnam tunnels not collapse?

The bombing operation began in early January, 1966, when B-52 bombers dropped 30-ton loads of high explosives onto the Cu Chi and the Iron Triangle areas. The natural iron oxide in the soil cemented tunnel linings and made them stable, resilient and hard to destroy.

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