You asked: How much is shakey pizza in Philippines?

How much is Shakey’s Giant pizza?

It combines four different pizza flavors, namely: Manager’s Choice, Shakey’s Special, Hawaiian Delight and Pepperoni. It costs Php3,950, and you should order it 2 to 3 days in advance.

How big is Shakey’s large pizza?

Irresistibly rich and creamy SUPERSIZED 18-inch pizza topped with four types of cheese: Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar and Cream Cheese and drizzled with premium Truffle flavor!

How do I order Shakeys from US to Philippines?

Surprise Your Loved Ones in the Philippines with Shakey’s Pizza

  1. Order. Choose food from their menu list.
  2. Enter information. Provide accurate details both for the sender and the recipient.
  3. Enter payment info. Payment will be sent via a valid credit card.

Is Shakeys Philippines halal?

Everything on the menu is halal-certified, in line with Dubai’s Islamic culture. However, the key features and flavors that make for a Shakey’s trademark experience are meticulously kept intact. Marinade, breading, dough blends, and spice mix for the pizzas, chicken, and spaghetti are all flown in from the Philippines.

How do I call Shakeys?

Hotline: 02-7777-7777 or #77-777 (Toll-free for Globe and TM)

How do I claim my free pizza from Shakeys?

Yes, you may claim your free birthday pizza treat when you dine-in. You must visit within your birth month or 7 days before and after your birthday simply present your SuperCard at any Shakey’s store. No additional orders required.

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