Your question: Is Vietnam part of the Sinosphere?

What countries are in the Sinosphere?

the Sinophone world, the area (mostly Southeast and East Asia) in which Chinese is spoken by the majority or a significant number of people. Sinocentrism, an ideology that the lands which make up China is the cultural center of the world. Greater China, comprising Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan.

What is the Sinographic sphere?

The term “Sinographic Sphere” defines East Asia through its logographic script and textual heritage.

Who is in the Sinosphere?

The Sinosphere consists mostly of the People’s Republic of China, but also includes those under its sway. Sticklers may carp that neither formally exists. There is no president of the Anglosphere, no code of Sinospheric law. But the idea of the two spheres explains a few things about the world.

What is Sinic culture?

The Sinic civilization, or Confucian civilization, refers to the shared and related cultures of China and the Chinese communities in Southeast Asia, which includes China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam. It also includes the Chinese diaspora, especially in relation to Southeast Asia.

What is Indosphere culture?

Indosphere is a term coined by the linguist James Matisoff for areas of Indian linguistic and cultural influence in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is commonly used in areal linguistics in contrast with Sinosphere.

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