Your question: What can I shoot in Singapore?

Can you shoot a gun in Singapore?

Anyone who is a responsible adult above the age of 18 can come to the Singapore Rifle Association and try shooting a Rifle, Handgun or Shotgun. … No shooter below the age of 18 is allowed.

Is wooden sword illegal in Singapore?

That’s right, it is legal to own a sword in Singapore. There’s a catch though — you have to be above 18. … Not to mention, swords are expensive, and you’re are not allowed to carry the prized possession out in public without any lawful purpose, according to the Singapore Police Force.

Can I carry a knife in Singapore?

The store sells fixed blade knives, axes, parangs and chopping tools – all of which are “permissible” items, according to classifications by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). This means they may be brought into Singapore without the need for a licence, permit, authorisation or approval from the police.

Can you own a pistol in Singapore?

Singapore has perhaps the world’s strictest gun laws. Ordinary citizens are not permitted access to any firearms and, if caught, are physically beaten by caning with no fewer than six strokes, according to the Arms Offences Act.

Are BB pellets illegal?

What many people don’t realise, is that in NSW it is an offence to possess or use BB Guns, gel blasters or other air rifles without a licence or a permit to do so. … The unauthorised use or possession of such firearms can have serious consequences.

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Are butterfly knives illegal in Singapore?

PROHIBITED ITEMS (NOT ALLOWED) Note: The importation or possession of prohibited item is not allowed. 2. Gravity Knife (Butterfly knife) A gravity knife, commonly known as butterfly knife, is a knife with a blade contained in its handle, and which opens its blade by the force of inertia or gravity.

Can Toy Guns ship to Singapore?

Import of arms and explosives, weapons, toy guns

An ‘Arms and Explosives License’ must be obtained from the Singapore Police Force in order to import any gun, arms, explosives, poisonous or noxious gas or noxious substance into Singapore. … Any toy gun that resembles a real gun will not be approved.