Your question: What is the longest bridge here in the Philippines?

What is the longest bridge in the Philippines 2021?

Once finished, it will become the longest bridge in the Philippines surpassing the Candaba Viaduct of North Luzon Expressway in Luzon.

Cebu–Cordova Link Expressway
Design Cable-stayed bridge
Total length 8,900 m (29,199 ft) 8.9 km (5.5 mi)
Width 27 m (89 ft)
Height 145 m (476 ft)

What is the first bridge in the Philippines?

Designed by Matia, Menchacatorre and Cía., completed in 1852, it was the first wire-cable suspension bridge in Asia and the first toll bridge of its kind in the Philippines.

Puente Colgante (Manila)

Puente Colgante
Puente de Clavería as seen on October 1, 1875.
Coordinates 14°35′43.8″N 120°58′55.5″ECoordinates: 14°35′43.8″N 120°58′55.5″E

Do you know that one of the longest bridge in the Philippines is found in Pampanga?

Consisting of six lanes (three northbound and three southbound), it is the longest bridge in the Philippines.

Candaba Viaduct
Carries 6 lanes of E1 (North Luzon Expressway)
Crosses Candaba Swamps Pampanga River
Locale Apalit, Pampanga Calumpit, Bulacan Pulilan, Bulacan

What type of bridge is Buntun bridge?

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