Your question: Who is the oldest and the youngest user of illegal drugs in the Philippines?

Who are the most common users of drugs in the Philippines?

More than three-quarters of drug users are adults (91%), males (87%), and have reached high school (80%). More than two-thirds (67%) are employed [2].

What age group has the highest concentration of drug users?

Data show that peak levels of drug use are seen among those aged 18–25. This is broadly the situation observed in countries in most regions and for most drug types.

How many drug users are there in the Philippines?

However, according to the Philippine Dangerous Drugs Board, the government drug policy-making body, 1.8 million Filipinos used illegal drugs (mostly cannabis) in 2015, the latest official survey published, a third of whom had used illegal drugs only once in the past 13 months.

Who is the drug lord in the Philippines?

MANILA – Fugitive Peter Go Lim, wanted for illegal drug trafficking, has been on the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) list of fugitives at-large for more than two years now.

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What is the current drug scenario in the Philippines?

81.6% approves of the government’s anti-drug campaign

Around 1.67 million or two out of one hundred Filipinos aged 10 to 69 are current users of drugs, according to the results of the 2019 National Household Survey on the Patterns and Trends of Drug Abuse, released by the Dangerous Drugs Board.

Which age group has the highest percentage of illegal drug users quizlet?

college-age individuals (18-20 years old) show the highest % of illicit drug use.

What is the most commonly used illicit drug among persons age 12 and older?

Most Popular Drugs of Abuse in 2018

By number of users aged 12 and older: Illicit drugs combined (53.2 million) Marijuana (43.5 million)

What age group has the highest concentration of drug users and experimenters?

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What age group has the highest concentration of drug users and experimenters? 18-25
Drug addiction a chronic, often relapsing, brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking- Despite harmful consequences- Initial use is voluntary decision; over time, brain changes impede self control

What are the most abused drugs in the Philippines?

Methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu remains to be the most abused drug in the country, followed by marijuana or cannabis sativa and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) or ecstasy.

What are 4 types of drugs?

What Are the Four Types of Drugs?

  • Depressants. Some of the most commonly found types of drugs in society are depressants. …
  • Stimulants. Stimulants, such as caffeine or nicotine, work in the opposite manner. …
  • Opioids. The opioid addiction crisis has affected our society to a grave degree. …
  • Hallucinogens.
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